Hello!  I’m Jennifer Potter, an intuitive painter with a deep love of Mother Nature.  Ever since grade school, I have doodled and painted flowers.  If you looked at the margins of my school notebooks (or my bedroom walls), you would see vines, flowers and leaves.  They were simply what came out of my hand time and again.  Decades later, the significance dawned on me.  I love flowers and nature because of their consistency, reliability, and quiet assuredness.  They serve as a reminder that we, as humans, are as beloved and perfectly created as the flowers.  Mother Nature is my greatest inspiration and the focus of my work.

I’ve painted on paper, canvas, wood, fabric and walls ever since I could hold a paintbrush in my hand.  I owe many thanks to my mom.  While she is not a painter herself, she is a very creative person who saw the spark in me and surrounded me with art supplies at a very early age.  She repeatedly let me paint on my bedroom walls without question!

Creativity is my way of connecting with the most authentic part of me.  I paint to remember who I am.  I am a self-taught intuitive painter, letting the colors and shapes on the canvas guide me and organically allow the painting to come to life.  I do not know what the final piece will look like when I begin.  Rather, I allow the colors and shapes on the canvas guide me and organically allow the painting to come to life.  I believe this allows my art to come from a pure, expressive place.

I believe the intention and energy behind a creative piece matter and love the magic that goes into creating.   This is ultimately what keeps me motivated and creating!  I begin each painting with a wild, fun, loose first layer.  I often invite a child, like my 7 year old son, to paint this layer with me.  While the layer will ultimately be covered up, its joyful energy is undeniably embedded in the final piece.  I love mixing paint, pencil, and pastels to create multiple layers of texture in each painting.  The layers provide so much interest and depth that your eye will see something new each time you look at one of my pieces.

My family and I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  We love being outside, especially among the trees or near the water.  I love being outside, especially among the trees and flowers.  I believe everyone is an artist and host art classes with the intention of encouraging students to reclaim their inner artist and use creativity to freely and confidently express themselves.

It is my hope that people who view my work walk away feeling uplifted.  I have displayed my work with the United Arts Council, Visual Arts Exchange, Galloway Ridge, and 311 Gallery in North Carolina.  I’m taking commissions, too. I love to hear from people who enjoy my work! Find me on Instagram or put your email in below and I’ll keep in touch!


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